Working with TestProject

Note that this is a sponsored post. Posts like this will only ever be about things that I believe and that I think you would potentially find useful. You can read about my full philosophy on sponsored posts here

I always manage to keep a full plate in life. I have many interests and responsibilities. Sometimes it can feel like life is too busy, but I really do enjoy the many different things I do. One interesting project I have been working on lately is a collaboration I have been doing with TestProject. Their goal is to provide the testing community with a community powered platform that helps with recording, developing and analyzing test automation.

I have been working with them on creating some video tutorials that explain how the tool works and highlights some of its benefits. If you want to check out some of the videos I’ve made, you can go to the TestProject page and click on the “Watch how it works” button to hear me talk about the high level overview of the product, or you can go to the videos section to find my other tutorials. There is also a YouTube playlist that has them all in one place.

As I have been putting these together, I thought I would stop and reflect a little on this process. I want to look at it from two perspectives. In the first place, I want to reflect a little bit on the tool itself and in the second place I want to talk a bit about what it has been like to work with the TestProject team

Ok. So the tool itself. I find that I learn the most about something when I teach others how to use it. In making these tutorials I have been learning a lot about TestProject and I have to say that overall I am pretty impressed by the tool. I have been making some videos, for example on the smart test recorder. UI automation is notoriously hard to do well, but I have to say that the smart test recorder really does a good job of setting you up for success. It makes creating test scripts straightforward and easy, and it also does a good job of creating the necessary levels of abstraction for you. For example it automatically saves elements for you so that you can share them between tests. It also allows you to call one test from another test, which allows you to follow the ideas of the page object model. We usually think of the page object model as something you would do in coded tests, but TestProject makes it easy to take this test design principle and put it into action in high level UI tests as well.

There are also a lot of other helpful things that TestProject does. It takes care of all the dirty work of getting the selenium and appium drivers installed and setup and is honestly the fastest and simplest way I have come across for getting you started with tools like this. I have started using TestProject to automate some of the boring things I have to do. For example, if I want to start doing some exploratory testing on a new build, I have a TestProject script I can run to setup some stuff in the way I want it to, so that I can just dive right into the part of the testing that I am currently interested in. This is something I have done with Selenium in the past, but I found it be a lot easier to get started when using TestProject.

I think this could be especially powerful if you don’t know how to code since you can use the smart test recorder to set this all up for you with very little difficulty (and without needing to know a single line of code). You can of course also use the TestProject SDK to create coded tests or even export your recorded tests to code if you wanted to dive a little deeper.

TestProject also works well for creating regression tests that you run across browsers and platforms. It instantly recognizes any devices you have attached and lets you create and run tests on applications you have on those devices as well. It also does all this in a way that is designed around collaboration. They really are seeking to provide a solution that is team based and you can see that in the way that all tests and run time environments etc. can be shared with your team.

The community driven aspect of TestProject brings me to the second point I wanted to talk about which is what it has been like working with the TestProject team. I don’t have a ton to say on this front, but I did want to mention what a great experience it has been for me. The team members I have interacted with there have really made me feel like my input and expertise is valued and important and I can see in those interactions why they have a free forever plan. They really are committed to making things better for the testing community. Just to be clear the free forever plan isn’t just a ‘give you just enough to make you want to upgrade.’ It is something that would be really valuable just on its own including things like unlimited test execution and access to all important functionality like the addons library, smart test recorder, reporting and much more. I’d encourage you to check it out and sign up.

I really think this a good tool and a welcome addition to the list of testing tools out there. It has been a lot of fun working on creating tutorials that explain what it does and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and use this tool.


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