If you are interested in having me speak at your company or at a conference please contact me.  If you want to hear me speak in person, I am planning to present at the following upcoming events

  • November 9th in Orlando – Better Software East conference – another session track presentation of Automation Anti-Patterns and what to do about them

To date I have spoken in the following public venues

  • KWSQA Targeting Quality 2017 Conference – In September of 2017 I gave a session track presentation on Automation Anti-Patterns and what to do about them (slides below)
  • Motor City Testers Meetup – In July of 2017 I presented my talk on Breaking out of the Mold: Software Testing Stories 
  • Presenter for a webinar on Increasing your UI Coverage While Doing Test Automation
  • KWSQA Targeting Quality 2016 Conference as a session presenter – The talk given was titled Breaking out of the Mold: Software Testing Stories and was about how labels can define us and ways I have been able to change my perceptions and be a more effective tester by ignoring certain labels.

Automation AntiPatterns Slides