If you want to have a successful career in software you can’t stop learning.  Software testing is a constantly changing field. I have had to continue to learn grow and evolve throughout my career as a tester and I want to help other testers along this journey.  In many ways testing is becoming more technical and I am seeking to do my part in helping testers learn and grow the skills they will need to be successful in their careers.

All of the resources listed on this page are created by me, but some of them are hosted on platforms that I do not own. This means that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will be compensated as an affiliate if you make a purchase after clicking on those links.

API Testing Foundations

This is my most popular course! It introduces you to API testing, and how to think about it, and gets you started on actually doing it and putting it into practice. APIs are everywhere and their use is only increasing as time goes on, so this is an important skill for testers to master.

Scripting for Testers

This course helps you get started with some basic scripting in python. It does so using actual examples that are relevant to things testers need to do. It also approaches this from a mindset of figuring out how to do what you need to and not from the perspective of learning computer science concepts.  It is very much targeted at helping testers learn how to leverage automation to make their lives easier.

 SoapUI For API Testing

This course helps you get started with using the free version of SoapUI.  API testing requires tool and although SoapUI is a quite powerful tool it has a bit of a steep learning curve. This course is intended to help you get over that curve and start using it effectively.

Exploratory Testing 

This course guides you in one of the fundamental activities of testing. It helps you out with getting started with using exploratory testing techniques and give you the structure and strategies that you need to be able to use these powerful techniques in almost any context.

Performance Testing Foundations

This course helps you get started with performance testing. If you are looking to get a basic grasp of performance testing and learns some of the tools that can help you, this is the course for you.

Introduction to Python for Software Testers

This course has everything a software tester needs to get started with using Python. It’s made in a nice modular fashion, so if you need to start from the basics and learn the foundations of the language from the ground up you can do that, but if you already know some of the basics, you can just jump right into the activities that help you get started with using python in your day to day life as a tester.

API testing with Postman

This course  helps you learn how to effectively use the powerful API testing tool, Postman. This tool is quite easy to get started with and so this course helps you get up to speed quickly and then dives into some complex workflows like using it for data driven testing and running it with Newman.

API Testing and Development with Postman

I have also published a book on API testing with Postman. This book, as the subtitle says, is a practical guide to creating, testing and managing APIs for automated software testing. You will of course, learn how to use Postman, but in this book I also seek to lay out general principles that you can use for effective API testing. I also try to keep things practical and give lots of examples and chances for you to try things out on your own.


I have recorded a tutorial style course for TestProject that shows you how to use the tool and helps you get up and running with it.  You can watch the full series for free on YouTube.

I also have a tutorial series on the TestProject about getting started with Postman. If you are looking to get started with API testing and learn a tool at the same time, this is a great place to start! Check it out on their blog here.

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