I am a highly skilled technical tester.  I see my purpose as doing whatever it takes to help teams ship high quality products more quickly.  Some of the tools I use to do this are test automation, coaching and interpersonal skills, continuous learning, process improvement and exploration.

I use many different tools to help me be effective at my job.  I believe that the path to creating quality software lies in understanding the intersection of human behavior and technology and so I am student of both human psychology and nature, as well as technology and how to use it effectively.

On the technology side, python is my scripting language of choice although I am also able to quickly pick up and follow along with other languages in a way that allows me to be an effective participant in code reviews.  I’ve also been involved in designing and coding a highly effective, custom built, test automation framework. I’ve gained experience with html, javascript, css and sql databases while building several websites.  The websites I’ve worked on include a searchable database of input files, test reporting infrastructure, sites to gather and analyze data about our tests so that we can identify and monitor the quality of the tests and data analysis sites which allowed us to ‘mutate‘ our tests and use them to drive new insights into the product.

On the human side, I have very strong inter-personal and team-building skills as rated by both my peers and my managers.  I love to help coach and teach others and I try to share my knowledge both on this blog and via speaking opportunities.  One of the skills I bring to teams is an ability to optimize the way things run.  For example I have been involved in optimizing automation initiatives and in cleaning up build pipelines to help more efficiently deliver code. I seek to work with others on the team to find where pain points are in our process and work to remove them.  I try to look at the big picture view and then zoom in on the details that are hurting our progress towards the end goal.  I firmly believe that software development is a team sport and that delivering good quality software is only something that can be done by a well functioning team and so I invest in building and developing relationships on whatever team I am a part of.  My approach to work is that of a highly motivated self-starter.  I see my purpose as helping my company solve the problems that matter to us and I try to keep that goal in mind at all times.

I started this blog as a place to grow and learn.  I want to share and teach based on the experiences I have, but as an avid learner, I also want to continue to push myself to grow and learn new things and this blog along with speaking opportunities are a way for me to do that.  I hope you enjoy what you read here and if you have feedback, please do leave a comment or feel free to contact me at any time.  Happy Testing!

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