30 Days of API Testing – Practice

Today’s challenge involves sharing publicly available APIs that you can use for testing. In putting together recent courses on API testing I have spent a bit of time looking for APIs like this. The Ministry of Testing Club has a thread on sites you can use for practicing testing which was very helpful to me. There is also another thread on the MoT Club that directly asks about useful real world APIs to test against. If you are looking to practice API testing those are great places to start.

There are a lot of good resources for practice in testing GET calls, but it is a lot harder to find ways to test POST, PUT or DELETE calls. This is of course understandable, as those calls change things in the application, meaning it is hard to keep the application consistent for each user.

In recognition of this, I have tried to create some API Testing Challenges that can be used to learn testing.  So far they are pretty basic and just at the starting stage, but if you want to try them out, you can go ahead and get them on Github here.  They are pretty rough at this point, but feel free to use them if you want.  Feedback is always appreciated as well of course!

Testing is something that it hard to learn without doing it, so I would encourage you to follow up on some of these resources.  Try to ‘test’ some of the sample APIs out there and see how much you grow as a tester!

Photo by Jordan Sanchez on Unsplash

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