Book Review – Systemantics

I recently read through Systemantics by John Gall (or the Systems Bible as the newer editions are called). Although presented in a very humorous and entertaining way, this book is packed with ideas that make you stop and think.

Why don’t things work the way you expect them to? Well, this book will tell you. It might seem discouraging to know that a “Complex System cannot be ‘made’ to work. It either work’s or it doesn’t,” but when you think it about, it is easier to (principle 31) “align your system with human motivational vectors,” than it is to keep banging your head against fundamental systems laws.

And never forget that “systems will display antics.” Don’t be surprised when the system doesn’t do what it is designed to do.

This book might make you a little cynical, but you’ll probably get further ahead in the world if you understand why you are feeling frustrated by the systems you are in. Sometimes a does of realism is good for us right? I would highly recommend this book to anyone who works with systems (i.e. all of us).

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