30 Days of Agile Testing – Zero Bug Tolerance

Note that this post is part of a series where I am ‘live blogging’ my way through the ministry of testing’s 30 days of Agile Testing challenge.

Could we do it?  Could we get to a zero bug tolerance on my team?  Well, anything is possible.  I’m sure we could, if we wanted to badly enough. I have even toyed with bringing the idea up in the past, but the problem is that there are many things I want to do and change, but there is only time for so many things. Change is hard and overloading on change will just make you fail at all the changes.  We live in an information saturated world, and one of the biggest challenges anyone faces is the challenge of filtering.  How do we filter out the less important information to find the more important?  There are so many good things to try and to do, but there are only so many hours in a day.

For now I am focused on other things and spending the time on advocating for a zero bug policy just isn’t something I see as being valuable enough (at this time) for me to put the energy it would require into it.  I am fascinated by the idea though and hope that someday we’ll get to the point where we can consider this, but for now – bigger fish to fry.

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