30 Days of Agile Testing – Agile Testing Video

Note that this post is part of a series where I am ‘live blogging’ my way through the ministry of testing’s 30 days of Agile Testing challenge.

Today’s challenge asks us to watch a Youtube video about agile testing.  I choose to watch this one about the role of the tester in the agile life-cycle.  The video gives a bit of an overview of what a software development life-cycle looks like as compared to a more waterfall approach.   He then goes on to talk about some of the ways that testers can and do participate in the agile process.

He talked about 6 main things that testers do in agile testing

  1. They are the voice of the customer
  2. They add focus
  3. They help facilitate clarification of software expectations
  4. They are always testing
  5. They help find bugs early and fast
  6. They help make sure automation is a continuous process

There were some good foundational points here.  I don’t think there was anything too earth shattering for me, but it was still a helpful quick overview.

That’s it for today folks. See you tomorrow for the next challenge in the series.

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