30 Days of Agile Testing – Introduction

The Ministry of Testing has been running 30 days of testing challenges on various aspects of testing.  This coming month I thought I’d try my hand at it.  The way these challenges work is that you work through a list of 30 different challenges and try to check off one challenge each day of the month.

The challenge for September revolves around Agile testing.  The company I work at is, shall we say, nominally agile, but I could certainly stand to grow and learn in this area.  I hope to follow along and ‘live blog’ with my progress each day (although I can’t promise how things will go on weekends).  Some of the items on the list will be quite challenging in my context and some of them look like things that might take more than a day to do, but I’ll try my best to keep up.

If we want to get better we need to push ourselves and since we live in a world where we are pulled in fifty different directions at once, having a goal like this to work on for the coming month will be good for me. It will give focus and direction to my learning and push me to try things I wouldn’t otherwise do. I hope to grow and learn a lot through this.  Always be learning.

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