Automation Anti-Patterns

You are sitting at your desk staring at a long list of test failures.  Some of them have been failing for a few days (at least you’re trying to convince yourself that it has only been that long), and some of them are new failures. You are trying to figure out if it safe to merge in that bug fix and you just don’t know anymore.  

What went wrong?  Aren’t your tests supposed to help you move more quickly?  Why are they slowing you down? Your job as a tester is to help quickly figure out if there are quality problems so that we can keep producing high quality software.  Your automation is supposed to help you with this but it really isn’t.  What went wrong? And more importantly – what can you do to fix it?

Want to find out more?  Come to my talk on Automation Anti-Patterns and what to do about them.  I’ll be giving the talk right here in my backyard at the KWSQA Targeting Quality Conference.  This is a great conference (I have been several times) and if you are looking for a conference that won’t destroy your budget this is the place to go (seriously only $339!).  The other conference I’m giving this talk at is in Orlando where I am speaking at the Better Software East conference in November.  If you are interested in signing up for that one, you can use my speaker discount code (BE17DW11) to let them know you signed up through me and just like that they’ll take $400 off the conference price for you (and I get entered in a contest for a prize – win/win you know).

So come on out!  Learn how to recognize those patterns in your automation that you really don’t want and learn some strategies on how to deal with these anti-patterns.  I’ve written a lot about how good test automation is hard and this comes from years of experience with it. I’ve seen a lot of test automation problems and have even been able to fix some of them, and so I’ll be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned.  See you there!

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