The Mythical Developer – A Parable

I saw one once.  At least I’m pretty sure I did.  I saw something across the office and squinted my eyes but didn’t quite get a good look before she disappeared around the corner.  If I didn’t know better I would have thought I’d imagined it, but I knew the rumors.  I had heard it from Bob who had heard it from Sally who had been told from a very good source that it was true.  You’ve probably heard the legends too.  They do exist. They’re just not seen very often (or so I have been told).

One day she coded an entire app.  Literally one day.  And it had no bugs in it.  It worked perfectly the first time and everyone loved it.  She might have bragged about it a little, but hey, let’s just admit that she deserved it.  That was Monday.  We won’t even mention what had been accomplished by Friday afternoon.

And then there is the guy in the cubicle across from me.  He usually writes pretty good code, but some days …. well I could just about …  I need him to get something done, and he says  he’ll have it done in one day, but it somehow ends up taking three. After three days you’d think the quality would be high, but no, it ends up having a bunch of bugs. Plus he keeps bothering me with questions and so by the time Friday comes around – well, it’s kind of hard to close out the sprint.

It can be pretty frustrating working with someone like this.  If only I had run a bit faster that time, I might be able to actually get stuff done.

That would be the best way to fix the problems I have right?


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