Test Links Thursday

Read more books  – Most advice on how to read more books is just silly, but here is some actually helpful advice on how to  become more of a book reader.  I love reading blogs, but I think that to really advance in an area you have to get into the books.

Discomfort as a tool for change – A lot of interesting thoughts and insights in this one.  The biggest takeaway for me was the whole mindset towards testing.  What are we really trying to achieve and is the testing we are doing working towards that?

Including this just for this quoteAt first it was done so that nothing worked. Then it was done so that simple and straightforward things worked. Then it was done so that most things worked” – Sounds like the definitions of done I hear a lot 🙂

Pouring Molten salt into water (Video) – Just for fun.  Always fun to watch an explosion and it’s even better if you can think that you are learning something along the way.

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