Doodling update

So I have been practicing doodling and thought I would give an update on my progress

First a picture


As you can see, I am no artist, but I’m not going to let that stop me.  I have already been looking for ways to practically use doodling, and the reality is, at lot of the stuff that I have tried to use doodling for has ended being even simpler than the stuff in this picture.

I have already been able to use it in test plans where a simple doodle can illustrate far better what I am thinking than a large block of text.  I have also used visual communication in several other areas as well, including bug reports, test coverage reports and in preparing presentations I had to give.  I am also looking at using story boarding and other techniques to help describe and understand user workflows.

So far this has been a lot of fun and I would certainly recommend others to try their hand at more visual approaches to thinking and communicating as a tester.  Up until now I have been trying it out everywhere I can, even in place where I don’t think it would make sense, just to see where it might be effective.  As I continue this experiment I will be focusing in on areas where it seems to be the most effective.  Stay posted for more thoughts on the most powerful times, solutions and ways to use visual approaches.




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