Finding bugs without starting the program

Today I found 3 bugs without even opening the program I was testing.

You might not believe me, but it is actually true.  I found three bugs without even using the software being tested.  And it gets better.  I didn’t have to file defects for them and they got fixed within a couple of hours.  This sounds like a tester’s dream doesn’t it?  Finding bugs with very little work, not having to file defects and getting them fixed very quickly.  How did I do this?

Well, I had a task to plan some testing for a story, so I set up a meeting with the developer working on the story to go over what the feature did and to see if there were any things to be aware of as a tester.  The developer gave me a demo of what he had done on the feature, but during the demo I pointed out that he had a filter applied which was hiding some parts of the panel we were looking at.  When he removed that filter he realized there were some things he had not thought of.  There were also a couple of things that he had implemented according to what had been defined in the story, but after discussion we agreed that for these items the way the story said it should be done, would not do what users needed and so after a quick check with the story owner, we had two more bugs that needed to be fixed.

And so that’s how I did it.  I had a quick meeting with a developer and just by asking a few questions found three bugs. Pretty good start to the day 🙂

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